Flavoured Lip Balm Tins & Tubes

Flavoured Lip Balm Tins & Tubes


Moisturise and nourish your lips with this beautiful balm. Great for soothing chapped, dry lips. Available in a variety of flavours. 7 grams.


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The best lip balm you will ever try.

  • Nourishes, moisturises, and protects your lips.
  • Soothing for dry, chapped lips.
  • Doesn’t have a greasy feel

Ingredients: Cera Bellina Wax, Kawakawa Infused Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Flavour Oil (Varies based on lip balm type), Vitamin E.



Mango, Vanilla, Spearmint, Choc Fudge, Passionfruit, Natural, Mandrian, Bubblegum


Tin, Tube

1 review for Flavoured Lip Balm Tins & Tubes

  1. Paddy

    Best Lip Balm I’ve ever tried!!! Support small businesses.
    – Vanessa

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